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Taking Flight

 Taking Flight If I have learned anything from my time working with middle school students, it is that they have a strong desire for their work to actually matter.  As we continue to develop this new idea of school and what we can do while students are learning in different environments, there are countless opportunities to give students a chance to find some control over their world.   There are any number of ways in which we can give students a chance to make a difference.  With so many things being out of control, giving kids the ability to take control of something and make a positive change is an important part of helping them to grow.  One of the best ways to give kids ownership over their world is through study and action of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are 17 SDGs that provide us with a variety of entry points to find an interest for nearly anyone looking for their work to matter.   So often we find ideas that are worth sharing with one another. Those ideas a

If It Looks Like a Duck...

 If It Looks Like a Duck... We know the old saying: If it looks like a duck, and it sounds like a duck, and it walks like a duck, it's a duck.  It is time for us to start applying that saying to education.  Despite our desperate attempts to keep our vestiges of normalcy, clearly, we are not living in normal times.  Across the world education is returning to "normal" after months of "quarantine teaching". Students and teachers are returning to schools in socially distant settings, virtual settings, hybrid settings, and everything in between.   All of us can look back at what we knew twelve months ago as education and school.  While we can disagree about the quality, value, and design of education in the past, we all recognized what education looked like when we saw it.  We knew education when we heard it and when we were doing it.  It looked like a duck, it quacked like a duck, it was a duck. Since the onset of the pandemic we have desperately tried to find that