6 Ways to Maximize your Summer Break

 The sun is shining brighter and longer with the onset of summer in the northern hemisphere! This means that for those of you in high school or college, you probably have a well-deserved break from your school routine! 

If you're reading this, we're guessing you're the type of individual that sees how bright your future is and are driven to make the most out of your summer breaks! You have about two months at your fingertips to get ahead of your peers and set yourself above the crowd! These tips are aimed at you and should help point you in the right direction.

Get an internship!

 Colleges (or future employers) love to see that you took the initiative and invested your valuable time in your own professional or creative development. Someone that chooses to jump at the opportunity to better themselves stands out when an employer is sifting through resumes! Pick something in line with your ideal career path for an extra leg up in your dream industry.

Attend a summer camp or extra courses. 

Taking extra courses and summer learning opportunities will prepare you for many of the challenges and new subjects in the future! Not only can they potentially give you a head start on a wide range of topics, but colleges also love to see projects and extra-curricular completions on transcripts. Oftentimes, colleges get a massive influx of transcripts and projects to look over so having a unique portfolio that makes you shine above the average could mean an acceptance letter!

Study for the SAT and/or ACT

These standardized tests are often used as a broad standard for most colleges and they use these numbers to get through transcripts faster. Using your time to study the best methods to take these tests could mean those few extra points that make or break a college admission!


Most of us have a general idea of what our interests are and how we'd like to involve ourselves in them with college and eventually a career. However, researching these ideas and career paths on a more detailed level might give you that extra insight you need to make the right choices in your future! You might even start learning about your ideal career and learn that it's not exactly what you thought it was!

Work on personal projects! 

Especially if your ideal career or college education involves computers, spending time creating and showcasing your skills will give you some great material for colleges and employers alike. On top of this, it can't hurt to hone your skills and challenge your knowledge regularly! 

Finally, don't forget to let yourself explore a little. 

Those two summer months can potentially give you the clearest mind you've had all year and give you the mental space to explore your interests and talents! Having some fun and exploring a couple of months of freedom could be pivotal in your decisions for the future!

Two months is a long time to invest time into yourself and your future as well as have some fun and explore! You don't need to be completely set on what you want to do at this moment, but these tips will get you closer! On a final note, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Being prepared and having a plan is fantastic, but don't forget to look after your well-being and ultimately, whatever makes you happy.


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